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Our editors will take your manuscript and professionally format it into "bookstore quality" for reader appeal. You will also be able to determine your book size and retail price.

You will receive a custom, full-color design by our highly trained and gifted designers.

It is our goal to help you realize your publishing dream. Each author will be assigned a "Publishing Specialist" who will help them through every decision. It is important to us that your publishing requirements are met and your publishing dream comes to fruition.

All authors are equipped with an electronic proof of the interior layout and covers for your review and approval.

Each book is assigned an ISBN number which catalogs it and identifies it to the book industry.

All the necessary paperwork you need to register your book with the United States Copyright Office is completed. You will receive an official verification of copyright within six months to a year. An additional charge of $175.00 is necessary to complete this option.

Your book is listed with R. R. Bowker's "Books In Print" database. "Books In Print" is an effective, search tool used by libraries, booksellers, and the publishing industry.

Your book will be advertised on our online page through our website for additional customer viewing and sales.

All of our books are listed with for increased sales and reader visibility.

If for any reason you wish to take your work to another publisher, all we need is a 30-day written notice.

Because we want you to be able to receive back for all your time and hard work in getting your book buyer ready, we pay one of the highest royalties for all bookstore trade sales.

You will have the opportunity for your books to be on display for other vendors to purchase at trade shows. Upon invitation, you will also have the opportunity to do book signings for further exposure at up-coming trade shows. This book signing option is $500.00.

Creative Press formats your book into digital files to be available for reading from your computer, IPad, cell phone, etc. This feature is available for $375.00 (prices may vary).

Every author receives 10 free books. Additional books are available at a per-book charge.

All authors have a choice of a soft cover or can choose to go with a hardcover at an additional price. Book sizes are still at the author's discretion.

All graphics—whether they are your images or our designs—will be formatted into book copy at a cost of $25.00 an hour. (Only JPEG and TIFF files will be accepted.)

Another option the author has is to submit the manuscript for a confidential, diagnostic overview from one of our experienced Publishing Specialists. This analysis will help the author to determine whether or not they need a general editing or one that includes more content and structural editing. They will offer suggestions and guidelines to help you present the most professional book possible. This service is $350.00.

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Making Disciples was created to be a helpful resource for parents, teachers, homeschooled families, churches, and small groups. It can be used as a devotional or as a full year discipleship guide. When used as an interactive book, for both the teacher and the student, it will aid in building character and a strong foundation of Godly principles.

Making Disciples also teaches the five different types of communication, the effective ways to communicate with each type, and how to discover their natural gifts and talents. 

By Joanna Swanson