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You have been thinking about writing a book for years ... AND NOW … you've finished it! What's next? Well, as hard as it may have been to get your thoughts on paper, finding a good publisher can be just as difficult, maybe even more.

It's not that there aren't good publishers out there. It's just that with all the information, including the contract terms and royalties to figure, it can be a bit overwhelming.

We understand all of this. That's why we established CREATIVE PRESS. Our contract can be for as little as 30 days—not 5 to 7 years with them holding all the rights to any book you write within that time frame. We also don't own the rights to any book you want published. All we want to do is help you bring your vision to pass by publishing a professional, market-ready book.

If less complicated sounds good to you … then look no further. With our experienced staff of writers, editors, and designers, you will find you are in good hands!

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"Like the first book, Rev. Anthony Dee is very complete and presents the information very well. The program itself has the markings of being born out of the heart of Jesus. To me this is the missing link in the church of the in the U.S. today. It will serve to bring the saints to a more mature level of faith as this is certainly our mandate in Scripture. The Adopt-A-Family Follow-Up system is a clear-cut way of doing what we are called to do normally as believers, but seem to have forgotten about." Sr. Pastor Ken Leleux, Ph.D., Glorious Church Worship Center, ICFM Regional Director.

By Rev. Anthony Dee